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About Me

Hello friends! Welcome to Jenn & Tonic. As the name suggests, my name is indeed Jenn. I started a lifestyle blog back in my college days without much direction or experience, and I wanted to start one up again. I’ll cover everything from recipes, books, cat parenting, curly hair, and more.

Where does the name come from? A few years ago, I was volunteering for a community theatre production backstage. There was another Jen working backstage, and we would constantly think the other Jen was being called rather than someone requesting us. One of the crew members started calling me Jenn and Tonic (after Gin and Tonic) and I’ve been keeping that nickname ever since.

A little about me…I’m the daughter of a 4th generation farmer. Born and raised in Michigan but now live in Oshkosh, WI with my fiance, Dave, and our two cats: Daisy & Duke. I’m also a Hufflepuff and my Patronus is an otter. You’ll learn more over time 😉