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FabFitFun Summer 2020 Unboxing

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Beauty, Health & Wellness

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The last time I received a box from FabFitFun, it was before shelter-in-place. When I was furloughed, I considered canceling my subscription to save some money. I’m so glad I didn’t because FabFitFun’s Summer 2020 box did not disappoint. Check out my haul below!

For those that are not familiar, FabFitFun is a subscription box that you receive every quarter/season. Every three months, you receive products related to beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness that are curated by the FabFitFun staff. Not only are these products full-sized, but the box as a whole is usually valued at $200+ retail and you only pay $49.99*! The Summer 2020 box varies in total value between $225.50-$477. I’ve been a customer with them since Spring 2017 and it’s one of my favorite things to get in the mail every season.

*price varies depending on your level of membership. The price listed is for seasonal members [that are not considered select]

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One of my favorite things about FabFitFun is the artwork. Isn’t it gorgeous?! These boxes are also a great size for repurposing; I’ve repurposed them for moving and gift-giving around the holidays. I’m planning to use this box when I move to Wisconsin next month!

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Now for the products themselves. I’m not a select member, but I still got to customize some of my products, which I was grateful for. There were three products that the FabFitFun team chose for me, and their selections were spot-on!

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Option #1: Yumi Kim Wireless Charging Pad ($35 value)

Can we talk about how pretty this is? It’s a wireless charging pad for phones that have Qi capability. I’m always misplacing my phone cords to charge my phone, but having it attached to the specific charging device helps me keep better track of it. Plus, it makes it easy to keep my phone charger in one place without having to deal with unplugging and replugging a cord each time I need to charge my phone.

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Option #2: Business & Pleasure Co. Cooler Bag ($59 Value)

While I am furloughed, I always love a fun cooler! This will be great to use in the summer on boat trips or picnics. When I can start working a 9-5 job again, I may turn it into my work lunchbox. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but it measures deep so you can really pack this cooler.

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Option #3: BLAQ Peel Off Mask + HydroGel Eye Mask [Set of 5] ($59 valued)

The mask contains charcoal, while the eye mask contains Hyaluronic Acid. Charcoal is one of my favorite products I use to help my skin. I tend to get smaller breakouts, but sometimes I get cystic acne which is not fun to get rid of. Charcoal can help pull impurities from your skin and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. For the Hyaluronic Acid, I tend to get dark circles and puffy eyes due to my allergies, and these masks feel so refreshing if my eyes need a little self-care.

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Option #4: Silked Satin Pillow Sleeve ($29.50 valued)

I’ve raved about silk pillowcases before, and I’m so happy I have another one to add to my collection! Silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic and can help your hair and skin stay healthy.

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Option #5: The Lyfestyle Co. Beach Mist Spray ($42 valued)

I haven’t used a beach mist before. The ingredients listed all contain soothing ingredients: lavender, aloe, and mint. This will be nice to take with me if I’ve been outside all day and need to refresh my skin.

For the next two products, they were selected for me by FabFitFun

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FabFitFun Pick #1: MakupDrop Hybrid Makeup Applicator ($20 value)

I don’t like to spend a lot of time dealing with makeup. I love applicators like these to help me put my makeup on in the morning. It’s easier to apply makeup using one rather than applying everything directly with your hands.

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FabFitFun Pick #2: Winky Lux Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil ($16 value)

I love eyebrow pencils to help fill my eyebrows. The color looks flattering on any brow color. I’m excited to try it out.

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FabFitFun Pick #3: Spongelle Coconut Verbena Hand Cream ($18 valued)

This is a great sized hand cream for travel! I’m planning to keep it in my purse. I previously got scrub bars from Spongelle in previous boxes, so I’m excited to try something different from them.

Overall, this was not one of my favorite boxes I’ve received, but I’m quite happy with the box overall. Did I convince you to subscribe? You’re in luck! If you use this link and purchase your box, you’ll receive $10 OFF your first box!

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  1. Kadie

    I love the cooler bag! So cute! I like the idea of the beach mist also, I’ve only ever used calgon mist in my teens. I used to love the scents they had. Beautiful unboxing!

    Kadie ♥

  2. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    The charging pad and the cooler bag are two items that captured my attention. It has been a while since I have seen a FabFitFun review and it sure looks like these products are good ones to have at home.

  3. Tana

    I’ve been doing FabFitFun for 2 years and typically love it! I rarely treat myself to expensive products otherwise and it makes my day when my box arrives! I’ve been currently been waiting a week for customer service to contact me back about an issue with my summer box. I’m hoping they will pull through and make me a happy customer again 🙂

  4. Hallie

    The cooler bag is SO cute! I need that!

  5. Deji moronfola

    you got all the cute stuff. Love the charging bad I need one of those.


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