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Instagram Takeover Tips

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Social Media

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An Instagram Takeover is when you allow someone to temporarily gain admin access to your Instagram account to post content to relevant audiences. They can help increase engagement on your account from your current followers, provide a different perspective of your product/service, and there’s the potential to attract new followers. If you’re planning to run an Instagram Takeover for a brand or would like to organize one, check out these tips.

Hosting an Instagram Takeover

Know the agreement/rules

If you’re doing an Instagram Takeover for a brand, make sure you know what their policies for social media are. Some takeovers are only specific to Instagram Stories, while some let you have free reign of the whole account. You may only have the account for a day, or you’ll have the account for a whole week. In addition, you should know what content you can and cannot promote.

Double-check your surroundings

Before you go live on Instagram for a photograph or video, always double-check your surroundings to make sure nothing is in the photo/video that isn’t supposed to be there. And don’t forget to check any reflective surfaces!

Add content you think is relevant

Part of the reason a brand/company wants to have someone do an Instagram Takeover is to help promote a product/service/event. Depending on when and why you’re hosting the takeover, make sure to align your content based on that. Of course, you can add other content you want to tell people about (no one will complain if you share a photo of your pet or your child/spouse). Be unique and show off who you are.

Use Instagram’s features

Don’t be afraid to experiment with Instagram’s different features during the takeover? They have filters, stickers, polls, gifs, you name it!

Announce that you’re hosting an Instagram Takeover

Don’t forget to announce to your followers and friends that you’re running an Instagram Takeover! The most obvious place to announce that you’re doing an Instagram Takeover is Instagram, but don’t be afraid to cross-promote on other social media channels like Twitter or Facebook.

Add your stories as a ‘Highlight’ on the Instagram account

Instagram has a feature where you can add archived Instagram Stories to a profile through its ‘Highlights’ section. Some organizations may do this on their own, but feel free to add your stories to a Highlight so people can see them in case they can’t view them right away in the original 24-hour timeframe.

Organizing the Instagram Takeover


Create guidelines for your hosts

As mentioned above, you should be able to provide policies for your Instagram Takeover hosts. Are there certain aspects of a product you don’t want them to post about? Is there anything you want them to not spoil for your followers? You should also make sure the host knows how they’ll get login information/admin. access for the account when the takeover starts and what they are expected to do when it ends.

Know the goal of the Instagram Takeover

Are you using Instagram Takeovers to promote a product? Sell tickets to an event? Drum up excitement for an announcement? If you’re planning to organize an Instagram Takeover for your brand, make sure you know why you’re doing it and what you would like to get out of it.

Leave ample time to create a timeline to plan the takeover

Organizing content on social media takes time. Make sure you allow time for the organizing party and the person hosting the takeover to coordinate logistics like planning, content creation, expectations, promotion, etc.

Think of potential hosts you want to participate

Are you looking for influencers to work with your brand? Do you want to highlight your non-profit’s volunteers? What about giving employees the chance to show what they do on a daily basis? Depending on your goal, start thinking of people/types of people you’d like to host an Instagram takeover for your brand. When you’re creating your shortlist, keep note of what qualities/qualifications you are expecting of your hosts. Do they have “x” amount of followers at the minimum? Are they active volunteers with your non-profit? Don’t be afraid to ask potential hosts if they have media kits or ideas of what they’d like to share if they’re selected to host.

Don’t forget to promote on your end!

Make sure to announce to your social media followers when there is an Instagram Takeover happening!

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