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My Meet Cute

by | Nov 29, 2020 | Life

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December 3rd will be my 3rd anniversary with my boyfriend, Dave. Learn about our meet-cute below!

“Meet Cute” – a cute, charming, or amusing first encounter between romantic partners (as in a movie)

Dave and I met in October 2017 at the Woodstock Opera House. We were working on a production of “The Addams Family Musical”; I was working behind the scenes as a stagehand, and he was playing in the orchestra pit. I thought he was cute, but I was focused on making a good impression with a new theatre so I didn’t get the chance to talk with him much during that production. He ended up adding me on Facebook, and it took me a few minutes to remember who he was from the production. Of course, I added him.

We started talking the following month during the production of “Shrek the Musical” in November 2017, when he was once again playing in the orchestra, and I was now working in the box office. After some casual banter and advice on installing a new car radio [which never did get installed], he asked me out. Since it was close to Thanksgiving, and we both had plans to spend the holidays with our families in separate areas of Michigan. We had our first official date at Starbucks on a Sunday afternoon.

What does our life look like now after three years of dating? Over the years, we got to enjoy live theatre together, both in the audience and working behind the scenes. We’ve also been to a few hockey games; he likes the Chicago Blackhawks, and I like the Detroit Redwings. I moved in with him in the summer of 2019 and brought along my two cats with me. We’ve traveled numerous times to Michigan for vacations and spending the holidays with both sides of our families. We’re now saving to buy a house in Wisconsin and eventually we want to get a dog.

Happy anniversary babe ❤️

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