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Silk Pillowcase Benefits

by | Jun 18, 2020 | Beauty

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A good rule of thumb is to assume that anything that touches your pillowcase has the potential to touch your face. A pillowcase is most likely to make contact with your fair and hair for a long period of time. Even with washing your face before bed, using a cotton pillowcase can still attract problems for your hair and skin. I use a silk pillowcase in place of a cotton pillowcase to help protect my skin and hair while I sleep. Using a silk pillowcase has many benefits.

Promotes healthy skin

Silk pillowcases do not hold as many pore-clogging chemicals compared to cotton pillowcases. I’ve noticed that since I started using one, my face doesn’t experience as many breakouts. In addition, they also do not crease the skin, so you won’t be as prone to wrinkles from sleeping on your pillow. Silk is also much easier on your skin compared to cotton. Now, it won’t prevent wrinkles or acne altogether, but it will help deter them both.

Keeps your hydrated

Did you know cotton is prone to drawing out moisture? It can zap moisture from your hair and skin. The moisture pulled from cotton pillowcases can also attract allergens and bacteria. Silk pillowcases can help you keep moisture in your hair and skin, instead of drawing it out while you sleep.

Naturally hypoallergenic

Silk pillowcases do not retain dust mites or other allergens. As mentioned above, the moisture from your skin and hair does not stick to the pillowcase, so there is less opportunity for allergens to stick to your pillow.

Keeps your hair healthy and smooth

Using a silk pillowcase is also beneficial for your hair! You should keep your hair tied away from your face somehow while you sleep, but the material that you sleep on can also affect your hair. I use one to help prevent frizz and breakage for my hair. Silk pillowcases can help lessen the amount of friction and damage to your hair while you sleep.

Overall, getting a silk pillowcase can be considered part of your beauty routine: it won’t solve all your hair and skin problems, but it’s a good tool to add to your arsenal for overall health.

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  1. supal

    I need to get a silk pillowcase. I finally got a scrunchie and it’s a game changer!!

  2. Shay

    I legit only knew about hair benefits but now I have learned something new.

  3. Puja

    I have never thought about silk pillow sheet but now I’m going to have it.

  4. Nishtha

    Never tried this, thank you for sharing. Will def look more into it.


    This is a must have item ive been using it ever since I started my natural hair journey

  6. Digitaldaybook

    I keep saying I will invest in a silk pillow sheet but somehow never end up doing it. Now I just might!

  7. Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    I don’t have a silk pillowcase, but now I think I need one.

  8. Kristal Xavier

    I have used a silk pillow for years and its a game changer. Everyone needs one

  9. Joanna

    So interesting I had no idea about any of this. Putting a silk pillowcase on my list!


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